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PolyPro Horse Jumps

Our Jumps outlast and out-perform the competition

Premier PolyPro jump standards are built to last, utilizing technically-advanced materials. Flex-polymers reduce shattering if impacted, and UV inhibitors prevent sun damage, making this a perfect jump for any climate. PolyPro™ Jump Standards are available in white, two-tone colors, and with rock facades. These horse jumps are brightly colored, can take a hit, and will perform for many years.Free Shipping in the contiguous US on all horse Jump Standards and Towers.

  • Jumps made from UV Stabilized Polyethylene and PVC
  • Choose from Regular Pinholes, Poly Pinless Strips, solid pinhole system or pinless aluminum keyhole tracks
  • Base feet are substantial and crush resistant
  • Sand can be added to base feet for additional wind stability
  • Free Shipping in the contiguous US
  • 5 year warranty on PolyPro Standards

  • White PolyPro Jump Standards

    5' Standards - $409/pr SALE $286.30/pr
    6' Standards - $469/pr SALE $328.30/pr

    Free Shipping to contiguous United States!

    Pinhole and Pinless options - select after you click BUY

    Horse Jumps Standard Slope Picket
    Slope Picket
    9-425 5′ Tall Buy
    9-427 6′ Tall Buy
    Horse Jumps Standards Hanging Flowers
    Hanging Flower
    9-007 5′ Tall Buy
    9-000 6′ Tall Buy
    *Flowers not included
    Horse Jumps Standards Baskets & Flowers
    Baskets & Flowers
    9-008 $50 Buy