Horse Jumps - EuroJumps™ Standards

EuroJumps™ Standards

EuroJumps Standards

Our new, innovative wing standards come in a variety of brightly colored cut-out shapes. EuroJumps™ are horse tough, stable in wind, UV resistant, and maintenance free. Standards are sold in pairs and come fully assembled for easy to set up. Just attach the durable molded jump feet.

  • Jumps made from UV Stabilized Polyethylene and PVC
  • Choose from regular pinholes, solid pinholes with height marks, Poly pinless strips pinless, or aluminum pinless strips
  • Base feet are substantial and crush resistant
  • Sand can be added to base feet for additional wind stability
  • 5 year warranty

  • EuroJumps™ Motifs 5' Jump Standards

    Introducing EuroJumps™, our new, innovative jump standards that are designed for aesthetics, function, and durability. These jumps are advanced in style, design, and material selection. Materials that won’t warp, crack, chip, fade, or discolor. EuroJumps™ come in a variety of cut-out shapes and an assortment of bright colors.
    They are horse tough, wind-stable, UV resistant, and maintenance free. EuroJumps™ come fully assembled and are easy to set up. They look great and they will last. EuroJumps™ have that unique European flare, emulating the atmosphere of a high-level competition. Jumps are sold in pairs and possess our durable molded PolyPro jump foot, which can be filled with sand for additional weight in windy areas. Get yours today.

    10% OFF Introductory Price!

    Standards with Regular Pinholes or Poly Pinless Tracks - $549/pr $494.10

    Standards with Solid Pinholes or Metal Pinless Tracks - $604/pr $543.60

    Free Shipping in the contiguous U.S.
    Pinhole and Pinless options - select after you click BUY

    EuroJumps Standards yellow flower
    Yellow Flower
    9-4001.Flower Buy
    EuroJumps Standards green vine
    Green Vine
    9-4001.Vine Buy
    EuroJumps Standards red roses
    Red Roses
    9-4001.Roses Buy
    EuroJumps Standards black stars
    Black Stars
    9-4001.Stars Buy
    EuroJumps Standards blue palm scene
    Blue Palm
    9-4001.Palm Buy

    EuroJumps™ Shapes 6' Jump Standards

    We used simple geometric shapes and bright colors to create a smart and classy line of 6’ wing standards. These jumps look great in the field, your horse will appreciate them too! Made from materials that will not rot, crack, chip, fade, or yellow. They are horse tough, wind-stable, UV resistant, and maintenance free. They are also easy to set up. Choose from a variety of shapes and colors. These horse jumps will give you years of quality service. Molded with solid slide through pinholes and height marks for easy adjustments, or choose to add an aluminum pin-less strips. Sold in pairs.

    10% OFF Introductory Price!

    Standards with Pinholes - $725/pr $652.50
    Standards with Pinless Strips - $791/pr $711.90

    Free Shipping on 2 or more pairs. If ordering one pair, additional freight charges may apply
    Pinhole and Pinless options - select after you click BUY

    EuroJumps 6ft Standards | Waves
    9-4021.Waves Buy

    EuroJumps 6ft Standards | Arcs
    9-4021.Arcs Buy
    EuroJumps 6ft Standards | Cresents
    9-4021.Cresents Buy

    Black & Yellow or Blue & Yellow

    EuroJumps 6ft Standards | Ellipse
    9-4021.Ellipse Buy

    Black & Blue or Red & Yellow

    EuroJumps 6ft Standards | Diagonals
    9-4012.Diagonals Buy


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    • EuroJumps Standards - Green Vines