Horse Jumps - Jump Poles

Best horse jump poles on the planet!

Our horse jump poles are built for safety, durability, and maintenance-free use. Advanced materials ensure that these poles can withstand indoor and outdoor use and shine up easily with the wipe of a towel. Jump poles are shatter resistant and weigh the same as wood. Lots of options including 10’ and 12’ lengths, solid white or colors, and stripes. Poles come with a lifetime warranty.


  • Horse Jump Assembly - Red Oxes with Schooling jump standards
  • Premier Ultimate Jump PoleThis jump pole is loaded with impact modifiers and UV-resistant titanium so it won’t shatter after sitting in the sun. Wall thickness is 3/8” and poles weigh the same as wood.
  • Horse Jumps Two tone Standards and gate oxer
  • PolyWrap Jump PoleThe PolyWrap Jump Pole is a wood pole core wrapped with tough polyethylene. 3.5” in diameter, completely sealed, and weather resistant with color molded into the jump pole.
  • Premier Wood Jump pole Horse Jump
  • Premier Wood Jump PoleMilled from high-quality Pole Pine for a straight and round pole. Available in natural wood, painted white, or white with color stripes.