Horse Jumps - Walls, Roll Tops, Coops

Horse Jumps - Walls, Roll Tops, Coops

820PF Picket Fence Wall | Horse Jumps

Our walls are made from HDPE containing UV inhibitors with molded-in color and texture. These walls are flexible and weather resistant, making them safer and easy to move. We are committed to:

• Safety first
• Solid, yet easily moveable
• Long outdoor life
• Maintenance free
• Fun and functional

Roll Top | Horse Jumps
The perfect compliment for any jump course! We have many different features such as stone walls, brick, flagstone and ledgestone. As well as culvert walls and pony horse jump walls.
 • Wide variety of colors and specialty finishes
 • Free Shipping in contiguous US
 • Stylish, and easily moved
 • Perfect option to decorate any jump course

Picket Fence Wall | Horse JumpsHorse Jumps - Picket Fence Wall

Match or contrast the color of your standards with seven color choices. Designed for flowers our Picket Wall is HDPE durable and easy to move. (2’ H x 8” W x 9’6” l 48 lbs. per pair) Available in Brown, Burgundy, Hunter Green, lt. Grey, Red, Royal Blue or White.

820PF Picket Fence Wall $495/pr Buy

Free shipping in contiguous US (Flowers additional)

Stone Culverts | Horse JumpsHorse Jumps - Stone Culverts

Attractive and realistic, the stone culverts are virtually indestructible. Made from HDPE for safety and durability. Designed to accommodate flowers they are 2'3" high. Want them higher? Add the matching Stone Stack (see below). Available in Brown Stone or Grey Stone.

818C 10′ Stone Culvert Wall $579/pr Buy
819C 12′ Stone Culvert Wall $719/pr Buy

Free shipping in contiguous US

Todd Minikus Culvert Wall

Premier ProTip with Todd Minikus

The Culvert Wall is versatile for training young horses, riders, and preparing for it’s use in competition. Todd says, “Be prepared, you’ve got to have no stones unturned.”


Stone Stack | Horse Jumps

Horse Jumps - Stone Stack

Stack these up for versatility and texture. 6" high and designed for flowers, Stacks can be used alone or with the Stone Culvert system. Stack as many as you like, they are safe and horse-tough. Available in Brown Stone or Grey Stone.

816SS 10′ Stone Stack $254/pr Buy
817SS 12′ Stone Stack $339/pr Buy

Free shipping in contiguous US

Horse Jumps - Burlingham Sports Wall

These walls are realistic, movable, and challenging. Made from HDPE with a faux-stone façade on front and back, these walls are very durable and designed for long outdoors use. Yes, they will match your Red Brick, Travertine Rock and Stone Burlingham Standards. Fits 10’ and 12’ jumps. Sold in pairs. (10’ - 2’ H x 9’6” W - 80 lbs.) (12’ - 2’ H x 11’6” W - 80 lbs.).

Red Brick | Horse Jumps
822RB 10′ Red Brick $579/pr. Buy
832RB 12′ Red Brick $719/pr. Buy
Stone Wall | Horse Jumps
824SW 10′ Stone Wall $579/pr. Buy
834SW 12′ Stone Wall $719/pr. Buy
Tavertine Wall | Horse Jumps
823TR 10′ Travertine Wall $579/pr. Buy
833TR 12′ Travertine Wall $719/pr. Buy

Free Shipping in contiguous US

Todd Minikus Rock Wall

Premier ProTips with Todd Minikus

The Rock Wall can be used in the hunter and jumper arena. Easy to move around, Todd shows us multiple ways to set up and use walls.


Horse Jumps - Premier Wall

What’s the difference? The Façade is our legendary horse-tough polyurethane rock. The stuff is like kryptonite. Really. We start with the Burlingham Sports Wall and finish with our Flagstone, River Rock or Ledgestone finish. You get a very durable, stone facade that is two-sided and matches our standards. Fits 10’ jumps. Sold in pairs. (2’ H x 9’6” W - 80 lbs. per pair) 5-year warranty on Premier rock finish.

River Rock | Horse Jumps
825RR 10′ River Rock Wall $729/pr. Buy
Flagstone | Horse Jumps
827FS 10′ Flagstone Wall $729/pr. Buy
Ledgestone | Horse Jumps
826LS 10′ Ledgestone Wall $729/pr. Buy

Free Shipping in Contiguous US

Horse Jumps - Pony Wall with Rock Finish

Pony Walls are 18” tall and handmade using UV-resistant PVC for safety and durability. One side is finished with our horse-tough Stone Facade, the other side with white high-impact PVC rails. Available in Flagstone, River Rock, or Ledgestone.

9-534 Pony Wall W/Rock Finish 60″ L x 18″ H $309 Buy
9-535 Pony Wall W/Rock Finish (pair) 120″ L x 18″ H $529/pr Buy

Free Shipping in contiguous US, Choose rock finish in cart.

Slat Wall | Horse JumpsHorse Jumps - Slat Wall

Molded with a wood grain finish and available in eight colors these stand 18" high. Slat Walls are great for pony jumps or for use with poles. Designed for flowers. Got wind? These can be stabilized with sand for use in windy areas. Available in: Birch, Brown, Burgundy, Hunter Green, lt. Grey, Red, Royal Blue, and White.

813SW Slat Wall Set $389/pr. Buy


Free shipping in contiguous US


Coop | Horse JumpsHorse Jumps - Coop

Crafted from high-impact polyethylene and overlaid with PVC panels our Coops are both sturdy and attractive and built for safety. The frame is supported with polyethylene sheets and the outer panels are made from 100% UV resistant PVC. 2'H x 2"W x 4'l - 40 lbs.

9-006 10′ Coop $529/set Buy

Free shipping in contiguous US

Pony Coop | Horse JumpsHorse Jumps - Pony Coop

Our Pony Coop is a smaller obstacle perfect for ponies, minis or lower divisions. Perfect because of its safety features - the rails will release quickly should the horse step on it. It is finished on both sides and is available in two different lengths. The height is 15”. One side uses two 7/8" x 6" rails and the other uses three 7/8" x 3" rails. The Pony Coop is easy to assemble and easy to store.

9-537 5′ Pony Coop (1 section) $199 Buy
9-536 10′ Pony Coop (2 section) $299/Set Buy

Free shipping in contiguous US

Roll Top | horse Jumps

Horse Jumps - Roll Top

Built with safety in mind, we make this with HDPE and cover it with artificial turf. The back has is a decorative lattice pattern. Roll Tops come in two pieces, completely filling the space between your standards. Available in 10’ and 12’ lengths (2’H x 2’W x 9’6”L 60 lbs./set) and (2’H x 2’W x 11’6”L 70 lbs./set).

827RT 10’ Roll Top $669/set Buy
829RT 12’ Roll Top $719/set Buy

Free shipping in contiguous US

Todd Minikus Roll Top

Premier ProTip with Todd Minikus

What's the most important part of the jump? Todd explains how the Roll Tip can be used to improve your horse's jumping technique. He also gives a lessons in walking a line.

Boxwood Hedge | Horse JumpsHorse Jumps - Boxwood Hedge

No trimming or watering needed! This portable Boxwood Hedge is safe and durable. It stands 18" high and will enhance your arena for years to come. 1′6″ H X 8″ W X 8′0″ l 44 lBS. Sold in pairs.

814BH Boxwood Hedge $659/pr Buy

Free shipping in contiguous US