Horse Jumps - Brush Box, Liverpool, Rocks & Logs


Horse Jumps - Brush Box, Liverpool, Rocks & Logs

Todd Minikus | Horse Jumps

“We love our Premier Equestrian jumps and can't thank you enough! Our Florida farm has harsh climate conditions. It is brutal on our equipment. Wood jumps rot and mold grows within days. Aluminum jumps are pricey and heavy. The jump equipment we received from you is ideal, very durable, safe and maintenance free. Your product has restored our faith in Polymer jumps. Thanks again!”

– Todd Minikus, International Grand Prix Rider and Professional Trainer

Todd Minikus | Horse JumpsA wide variety of Jump Fills allow more challenges for your horse. Our products are safe, durable, and stylish. Plus we use materials that are easy to move and UV resistant.

  • • Safety first
  • • Solid, yet easily movable
  • • Long outdoor life
  • • Maintenance free
  • • Fun and functional

Horse Jumps - Burlingham Sports Brush BoxBurlingham Sports Brush Box | Horse Jumps

The traditional design of this freestanding brush box creates an attractive fill for any jump. Each section is molded in one piece from 100% UV-resistant HDPE with a realistic wood look finish. Use silk flowers or decorative bushes to complete your design. Holds 32 flowers. See Silk Flowers. Two sections per set. Available in: Brown, Burgundy, Hunter Green, lt. Grey, Red, Royal Blue, White, and Black. Each section 18″ H x 6″W x 54″L - 32lbs

699BB 10′ Brush Box Set $349/pr Buy
697BB 10′ Brush Box Set with Flowers $421/pr Buy

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Horse Jumps - LiverpoolLiverPool Horse Jump | Horse Jumps

A liverpool is the must-have challenge for jumper, equitation and event barns. This liverpool is made from safe and durable vinyl with a foam border for extra safety. It holds up to 3” of water and can be folded up for easy storage. 9′6″L x 44″W.

894WH Liverpool $395 Buy

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Todd Minikus Liverpool
Premier Pro Tip with Todd Minikus

The Liverpool is a must-have for any competitive jumping rider. Todd describes why he likes this liverpool in particular.

Logs | Horse JumpsHorse Jumps - Logs

No trees were harmed while making this log! This is tough and lasting HDPE. Lightweight, safe, and durable these logs last considerably longer than wood logs. Each one measures 24” in diameter x 65” long, 48 lbs each. Add sand for additional weight. Sold individually or in pairs.

825LS Log Single $539 Buy
825LD Log Pair $895 Buy

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Rock Sets | Horse JumpsDesert Sand Inset | Horse Jumps
Horse Jumps - Rock Sets

Here is something unique. Each Rock Set includes five single stones; the tallest is 22” high. Each set also includes five grass bushes. Safe, durable and easily moved. Rock Sets are stackable for easy storage, made with HDPE. Get them in Desert Sand or Yosemite Granite.

826RSD Rock Set - Desert Sand $569 Buy
826RSY Rock Set - Yosemite Granite $569 Buy

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Horse Jumps - Cedar Split Rail FeRocl Sets | Horse Jumpsnce

This 2-piece set fits perfectly within a 10′ or 12 ′ jump and matches our Cedar Split Rail Wings or Post Standards. 2′3″ High, 9′10″ long, sold in pairs.

78CSR Cedar Split Rail Fence $448/pr Buy

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Horse Jumps - Boxwood Hedge Boxwood Hedge  | Horse Jumps

No trimming or watering needed! This portable Boxwood Hedge is safe and durable. It stands 18″ high and will enhance your arena for years to come. 1′6″ H X 8″ W X 8′0″L 44 LBS. Sold in pairs.

814BH Boxwood Hedge $659/pr Buy

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