Horse Jumps - Jump Cups & Jump Strips

Jump Cups & Jump Strips

We have an assortment of jump cups for whatever your need may be. Shallow, deep, or flat; metal, rubber, plastic; pinned, pinless, or breakaway. You name it, we’ll help you find it.

Jump Cups for Any Need

  • • Powder-coated metal, plastic, rubber- coated, and zinc
  • • Pinned, pinless, and safety breakaway
  • • Deep, shallow, and flat cups
  • • FEI and USEF approved

Jump Cups by Burlingham Sports

Here are traditional pinned and pinless jump cups, with shallow or deep cups. You can choose between metal and plastic. The metal cups are made with professional grade steel and are powder coated. The plastic jump cups are injection molded and rust proof. All Burlingham Sports jump cups include the steel pin attached to the cup. Pinless/keyhole cups are designed for ease of use.

899JC Pinned Jump Cup $20.75/pr Buy
899JCFL Pinned Jump Cup Flat $20.75/pr Buy
897JC Pinless Jump Cup $20.75/pr Buy
897JCFL Pinless Jump Cup Flat $20.75/pr Buy
890PC Plastic Jump Cup $20.75/pr Buy
895PC Pinless Plastic Jump Cup $20.75/pr Buy
895PC1.5 Pinless Plastic Jump Cup, 1.5″ $20.75/pr Buy

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Horse Jumps - Breakaway
Jump Cups

All Breakaway Jump Cups are zinc coated and meet standards set by the FEI and USEF.

896BAD 1.5″ Deep Breakaway keyhole $69/pr Buy
896BAS .75″ Shallow Breakaway Keyhole $69/pr Buy
897BAD 1.5″ Deep Breakaway Pinned $69/pr Buy
897BAS .75″ Shallow Breakaway Pinned $69/pr Buy
15-012 1″ Eventer Breakaway Pinned $69/pr Buy
15-013 1″ Eventer Breakaway Keyhole $69/pr Buy

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Heavy Gauge Metal Horse Jump - Cups

Our jump cups are designed with various cup depths and are available in pinned or pinless. We offer metal in black or zinc-plate and plastic or rubber-bonded cups, all available in deep or shallow profiles.

899HJC Jump Cups Black w/ Stainless Steel Pins $24.95/pr Buy
15-002 Jump Cups- Zinc $23.95/pr Buy
15-003 Flat Jump Cups $21.95/pr Buy
15-009 Cups - Black w/ chains $23.95/pr Buy
15-008 Zinc Pinless Jump Cups $24.50/pr Buy
15-005 Pinless Jump Cups - Black $21.95/pr Buy
15-014 Pony Plastic Cups (not shown) $19.95/pr Buy
15-015 Plastic Pinless Cups 1.5″ $19.95/pr Buy
15-017 Plastic Pinless Cups 1″ $19.95/pr Buy
15-018 Plastic Pinless Cups 3/4″ $19.95/pr Buy
15-016 J.R. Rubber Bonded Metal Jump Cups $35.00/pr Buy

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Metal Pinless Strips

Horse Jumps - Metal Pinless Strips

Add to any 5’ and 6’ standards. Pinless jump strips support any of our pinless jump cups.

For Burlingham Sports Standards

896JT Metal Track 48" $54/pr Buy
898JT Metal Track 60″ $66/pr Buy

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ForPolyPro and other Standards

15-072 Metal Track 48" $59/pr Buy
15-073 Metal Track 60″ $62/pr Buy

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