Horse Jumps - Burlingham Sports Standards

Horse Jumps - Burlingham Sports Standards

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The Burlingham Sports Horse Jump line features products molded from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). These products are molded in one piece, reducing the chance of stress to joints and structural failure. Metal is encapsulated inside of standards and gates, further reinforcing the strength of the material.

Other products you may be familiar with that are molded from Polyethylene include trunks, buckets, mounting blocks, roadway barricades and industrial trash cans. Polyethylene is tougher than any material in marketplace today.

5' Solid Color Jump Standards $449/pr

Solid Color Jump Standards are sold in pairs and come in four different beautiful designs with a variety of colors. The standards are 5' tall with solid glide through pinholes and heights. Jump Standards are molded in one piece and d'cor is two sided. Each Standard is 25 lbs. Comes with regular pin holes or upgrade to pinless system.
Colors: Brown Burgundy, Hunter Green, LT. Grey, Red, White, Royal Blue.

81JS Solid Color | Horse Jumps
81JS 5′ Solid Color Buy
82JS Solid Color  | Horse Jumps
82JS 5′ Solid Color Buy
83JS Solid Color | Horse Jumps
83JS 5′ Solid Color Buy
84JS Solid Color  | Horse Jumps
84JS 5′ Solid Color Buy

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5' TwoTone Color Jump Standards $549/pr

Our jumps can be truly customized by combining jump standard designs and colors with trim panel colors. Jump heights
are marked from 1'3" to 4'9" and use solid glide-through pinholes. Feet are hollow so sand can be added for further stability.

Main Standard Color:

Standard Panel Colors

8sX Two Tined  | Horse Jumps
82X 5′ Two-Tone Buy
83X Two toned | Horse Jumps
83X 5′ Two-Tone Buy
84X Two-Toned | Horse Jumps
84X 5′ Two-Tone Buy

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6' Two Tone Jump Standards $639/pr

Available in White with:

This 6 ft horse jump standard is made from high-impact Polyethylene. Offered in four styles w/ two-sided
decor and eight color options. This is a great addition to any course. Jump heights are marked from 1'3" to 5'6"
and use solid glide-through pinholes. Feet are hollow so sand can be added for further stability.

87JS Two-Toned  | Horse Jumps
87JS 6′ Two-Tone Buy
88JS Two-Toned  | Horse Jumps
88JS 6′ Two-Tone Buy
89JS Two-Toned  | Horse Jumps
89JS 6′ Two-Tone Buy
90JS Two-Toned  | Horse Jumps
90JS 6′ Two-Tone Buy


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Burlingham Sports Rock & Brick Jump Standards

Customize your standard with brick, rock or stone. This textured and simulated surfacing is both realistic and lightweight, adding an elegant touch to your course design. Choose from three styles. (32 lbs). Standard trim available in Brown, Lt. Grey, White, or Black.

Stone Wall  | Horse Jumps
Stone Wall
83XSW 5′ Stone Wall $549 Buy
Red Brick  | Horse Jumps
Red Brick
83XRB 5′ Red Brick $549 Buy
Tavertine  | Horse Jumps
83XTR 5′ Travertine $549 Buy

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Horse Jumps - Premier Rock Jump Standards

Premier Equestrian rock façades are molded from polyurethane. This realistic looking material is lightweight, pliable, and very durable. UV-resistant color is molded into the material so it will not fade with exposure to the sun.
Our rock facade cannot chip or break even under high impact. It holds up in all weather conditions. Rock finish is available on one or both sides of the standard. Rock Finish: Flagstone, River Rock, or ledgestone. Standard Colors: Brown, lt. Grey, White, or Black.

Jump Standards 83xLS  | Horse Jumps
83XLS2 5′Two-Sided $699/pr Buy
Ricker Rock Standard  | Horse Jumps
River Rock
83XRR2 5′ Two-Sided $699/pr Buy
Flagstone Jumps Standard | Horse Jumps
83XFS2 5′ Two-Sided $699/pr Buy

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80JSB Birch Jump | Horse Jumps

Horse Jumps - Birch Jump Standards

These 5′ tall Birch Jumps exceed expectations. Unique and good looking, the Birch Jumps are modeled from HDPE and have solid slide-through pinholes or they can be fitted with our "Metal Keyhole Track" when pin-less cups are preferred. Sold as a pair. 27″ W x 61″H; jumps 1′3″ to 4′9″; 24 lbs.each.

80JSB Birch Jump Standards $559/pr Buy

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Cedar Split Rail Jump Standard | Horse Jumps

Horse Jumps - Cedar Split Rail Jump Standards

Modeled Polyethlylene jumps have never looked so natural. Jump over 5′ with these 69″ high Wing Standards.
Maintenance-free jumps are modeled from fresh cut split rail fencing right from the ranch. Metal Keyhole Tracks come standard on these jumps.

79JSC Cedar Split Rail Jump Standards $518/pr Buy

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